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Whānau Roopū Minutes - Thanks Haley!

Te Roopū whanau minutes 12 March - 2015

Whanau arrived between 5.35 and 6.10
Rosie started with karakia - then we had a kai

Whanau members present
Whaea Georgie
Whaea  meta
Ropes Vanessa
Tarn Jahnke
Tuti and Tanya Katene

Shiree Bedford (Seamstress)
Jayden’s Mum (Helen)

6:00 start karakia by Ropes
Minutes read by Nic

Election of Officers Chairperson Secretary Treasurer Committee Members ( All those present) General Business

Chairperson: Nominated Beavan by Whaea Georgie seconded by Tuti.  Talked about there being a conflict of interest.

Secretary: Nominated Haley by Rosie, seconded by all.

Treasurer: Nominated Tuti by TK seconded by all.

Te Reo Education – What progress?

Rosie - Ko aū resource.  School focus looking at authentic Māori tīkanga.
TK - to send some “Down the back of the chair” online resource.  Moving resources from shelves to kura.
Whaea Gorgie talked about the importance of “human” resource.  How can we encourage people to come in?

2. (a) Kapa Haka – Two Groups (Rosie will speak to this 'take'). COMPETITION GROUP– Lunch Hour DEVELOPMENT GROUP – Monday usual time 2pm - 3pm (b) Uniform for competition – Have enough money in putea for 20 girls and two boys puipui. Vanessa? Please! Development Roopu already have uniforms. (c) Pari – Bodices – Seamstress’ Some discussion on colours and pattern.

Ebony: we have developed a performance group (named yet to be confirmed). Kids auditioned and give up their lunch time.  Practise every Monday lunch time.
Te Roopu Whanau is our participatory. Some whanau have been helping to add different layers eg harmonies, extra guitar players.

Can there be a way to choose some younger (and keener) members for this group? Rosie, Ebony and Nic are working on a policy to help chose these members.

Fundraising Activities – Harakeke, Fence posts Progress?

$50 per puipui (woah!) Needs a work party!! Needs a location!!
How many? 24
How much? Invoice the school. Name, Address, Quote.

Vanessa to start the order at 24.  Treasurer to write a letter to the supporters club to ask for $300 for the remaining 6.  30 in total for now. Hayley to follow this up (have a chat with her)

Treasurer to apply for a grant through “Central Trusts?” PowerCo.  Rosie to send link to Tarnya.

Whaea Georgie - Wine and Cheese evening, approach boutiques, ask to showcase their clothes, te roopu whanau women (mums) get on the cat walk.  Charge $50.

A big Thank You to the Katene whanau for the Poutokomanawa fridge and Whaea Metarina for Tea and Coffee Canisters. Whānau please feel free to drop in, make a cuppa and follow your child’s learning.

Kia ora!


Marisha started this - has gathered 6 items from bunnings.  They are in Poutokomanawa. The intention is to raffle them off.

Naming of our Group – Any suggestions

Te Poutokomanawa? Options to be considered “Te whanau whanui o te poutokomanawa”
“Iti Rearea” teitei ka hika tia ka

Where to from here – actions and responsibilities
Take (matters) for future hui need to be with the secretary one week prior.

Meet 2 times a term. Or monthly?  The 3rd Thursday?

Keep meetings to 1 hour.

To meet 26th of March 6 - 7 pm.  Just a short hui, just a little bit of kai.

Anything that needs to be added to the agenda needs to be emailed to Hayley 1 week before.

Meeting close 7:25 TK closed with a karakia whakamutunga.

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