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Kia Ora whānau - Here are the minutes from the last two meetings

Te Iti Rearea Hui Minutes 25/06/2015.

Whānau present:
Whaea Metarina

1 Karakia - Rosie opened
2. Whakatauki – Whaea Meta

3. Apologies
Whaea Horiana

4. Any additional agenda items
5. Minutes from previous meeting

Ae, Rosie will put them on the blog

Kapa Haka
We have opened it up to all age groups especially Māori whānau who request membership.
So the Kapa Haka group is very large, children are joining every week. Children are proud of being in Kapa Haka and wearing the uniform. We had to use both the black and the blue uniforms to make sure all the girls had one. Te Mātangi wore the black and the rest of the group wore the blue dresses. It was a real struggle to fit all the girls in a uniform, especially the little girls, we noticed even a small was quite big on them. We discussed how many blue dresses we have (32) and that we would need at least 20 more for Pae Tamariki. We agreed that we would get a small task force together to help sew the rest. Especially when we have so many new pipi starting. Jo said, she was happy to make some and if we could get some helpers that would be good. Jo will get the pattern from Rosie tomorrow.

Academy apparel quote for dresses, Ebs got onto this straight away and Apparel quoted uniforms for the boys and girls, but we decided to only go with dresses if we were going to apply for sponsorship. Bevan spoke about the power co sponsorship sadly we didn’t get it. We discussed whether we would still go for sponsorship for new uniforms. Someone mentioned where the money came from for the sports uniforms? Sha mentioned sponsorship. Whānau want to know if we could tag onto this sponsorship, since Kapa Haka represents RSS and needs uniforms, just like a sports team would. Maybe we could still make the uniforms??Looking at other sponsorship?? Bevan has spoken to David about other sponsorship organisations??
Where did the other Schools get their funding from for the samples we saw from Academy apparel?
If funding is not working out...we still need an alternative??

Poutokomanawa feedback
Whaea Meta - Children love it, want to stay on. For self, it’s been a great journey in learning. Children are good with each other.
Rosie- There is a checklist to be done, survey is one of these. This has been done with the children and has been really positive and will be shared with David. Whanau perspective is wanted so questionnaire has been sent to parents and feedback gained. Kids often ask for more Te Reo, likely do more than the aimed 14% Te Reo as it is.

Quizz night
There are some teams coming from the hospital. Darryn has suggested that because the supporters club has given us monetary support, that we show them our support by going to the quiz night.

Should we take the items gained by Marisha for the silent auction? All in agreement this is a good idea.

Next whakatauki -hands up!
Next meeting date: 6 August 2015

Karakia - Rosie

Te Iti Rearea hui minutes 07/05/15

Meeting opened at 6.06pm karakia timatanga by Darryn.

Whaea Horiana
Whaea Meta


Rosie made introductions and welcomed our new parents, Wayne, Ariana and Tu.

Rosie – whakatauki

Minutes accepted as read

Nic talked about the Kapa Haka groups
-       The competitive group is going well and on track for pae tamariki
-       The competitive group name is Te Matangi
-       The development group name is Roopu Whānau
-       Plan for this term is to prepare for pae tamariki
-       Bevan gives thanks to teachers and whānau for their hard work and efforts

Jo talked about the uniforms
-       Showed samples of pari patterns and uniform dresses
-       Fabric $12.99 per metre @ spotlight
-       Dresses can be made for less than $15 each
-       We need approximately 50-60 dresses
-       Jo has mended 20-30 dresses already
-       Ebony suggested the tukutuku could go on the boys’ tipāre

Committee took a vote on the tukutuku patterns and decided on Harrison’s design subject to costs for screen printing

Darryn suggested using ribbon instead of the tukutuku this year if screen printing costs too high and look at using tukutuku pattern next year.

Ebony suggested we could use Academy Apparel for pattern as the school already uses them for sports uniforms. Jo and Ebony to look into this further.

Both Kapa Haka groups are to have the same uniform.

We need quotes to be able to apply for funding.
Whaea Horiana stated that Awatapu College has said we can borrow their piupiu for Pae Tamariki for a koha. Haley to contact Zeb at Awatapu to officially request and confirm hire age of piupiu.

Rosie to get more info from Ropes on his contact for piupiu.

Bevan talked about the powerco application and said that we need to decide at the next meeting what our kaupapa as a group is. Everyone is asked to think of kaupapa for the next meeting, what the group means to them and the tamariki.

David has said we have the full support from the school. The committee has decided to have all finances go through the school pending that is rolls over each financial year and won’t get allocated elsewhere.

Darryn brought up that we should show all the support we can to the supporter’s club. For example, attending their quiz night.

The group needs to liaise with David. Haley to add David to the e-mail group.

Ebony talked about Support’s club car boot sale in September. Maybe we could join in and fundraise with them?

Rosie talked about what is happening in Poutokomanawa.
-       30 minutes of singing every day, songs are taught to Poutokomanawa tamariki so they can show the group.
-       Rosie is receiving great feedback from parents/whānau.
-       Tamariki are loving being a part of Poutokomanawa and are really thriving from it.
-       Whaea shout out to Rosie for her hard work.
-       Tamariki thirsty for Māori knowledge and are exceeding expectations.

Whaea Meta is doing a whakatauki for our next meeting.

Meeting closed @7.30pm
Karakia whakamutunga by all present.

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